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Brands create meaning for your business. Your brand tells the story about what your business cares about, demonstrates your business value, creates an experience of connection, builds relationships, and shapes and influences your customers' purchasing decisions. Building a strong brand is the key to growing your business.

This course provides the six essential actions to build a strong brand to grow your business. The course comprises six lessons, organised around the six essential actions.

There are a total of sixteen topics in the lessons, all explained through videos and reading materials. The topics explain the ‘whys’, the ‘hows’, and the ‘whats’, that are to be done, to accomplish the six essential actions.

At the end of each topic is an activity that is designed to help you to take the important action-steps to build a strong brand.

Here are some aspects of a strong brand that you will learn to create in this course:

1. A brand positioning that evokes memories and sticks in people's mind.

2. A brand experience of connection that builds a sense of belonging to your brand.

3. A brand story that evokes emotions that engage your customers.

4. A brand identity that inspires and gives your customers reasons to share your brand.

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You’ll get a bundle of online learning resources including video lessons, video examples, reading materials, step-by-step instructions and worksheets.

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$389 $272.30

Business Branding Online Course

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