Brand Building Guide: The 16 Key Questions For Effective Brand Building That Attracts More Customers

Keith Tan
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Why would you need this guide?

Your business needs a strong brand, be it a new business you plan to launch, or perhaps, a decades-old business with a brand that needs to be refreshed to feel authentic and resonate with your target audience all over again. A strong brand creates value for your business and accelerates your business growth.

Building a strong brand is about building long term relationships with your customers to offer them an emotional experience that develops trust, builds loyalty and creates personal connections with your business that last. Consumers are adept at getting these cues in many subtle ways. Branding your business infuses these cues through the lens of your target customers to enable you to shape the way you would like your business to be perceived by them and to ensure that your business offering is aligned with their expectations.

What is in it?

This guide contains 16 questions you need to ask to build or re-energise your brand.

The worksheets accompanying the 16 questions will help you nail down answers that are central to how and what you should do to build a strong brand.

And when you act on your answers to the 16 questions in this guide, you have the basic building blocks for an effective brand building strategy.

Who is it for?

If you are going to start a business:

Use this guide to create your brand first, and then launch your business.

If you are an entrepreneur developing a business:

Use this guide to build your brand early to create sustainability for your business.

If you own a business and you want to reenergise your brand:

Use this guide to assess first, how your current brand is doing.

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You’ll get a 38-page brand building guide that contains 16 crucial questions and accompanying worksheets to ignite your impactful branding journey.

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Brand Building Guide: The 16 Key Questions For Effective Brand Building That Attracts More Customers

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